SuperMax Self Storage

Providing Easy Access Gated Storage for You

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is SuperMax located?
A: SuperMax Self Storage is located 1 mile north of the intersection of State Highways 29 & 95. For directions fill in the form on our contacts page.

Q: Does SuperMax offer move-in discounts?
A: Yes be sure and ask about the current offers at the time of leasing.

Q: What type of lock does SuperMax recommend?
A: We recommend all units use a disk lock. SuperMax has this type of lock for sale and rent at time of leasing.

Q: Is there a security deposit?
A: Yes, we do charge a security deposit on all locking units. Your deposit will be returned to you if your account is current, the unit is clean with no damages and you request that your deposit be returned in writing.

Q: What hours do I have access to my storage?
A: You have access to your storage 24 hours a day. Because our storage is fully fenced with a computer controlled gate only you and other tenants have access. DO NOT SHARE YOUR CODE!

Q: What is a unique gate code?
A: This is your key to the facility. You are issued a code at the time of leasing it is yours and only yours. Each time you enter or leave the facility you must enter that code. The gate keeps a record of these transactions. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CODE TO ANYONE! Your are responsible for its use.

Q: What happens to my code when I leave?
A: Once you are no longer leasing from SuperMax Self Storage your code is removed from our gate preventing its use.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: SuperMax accepts Visa, MasterCard, Personal Checks, and Cash.

Q: Where do I pay for my storage?
A: Please see our contact page for our office hours, mailing address and other contact information. Steglich Feed & Farm Supply, Inc. located on State Highway 95 in Bartlett, TX can accept your payment however may not be able to provide you any additional information. For other options please give us a call.

Q: What are the rules?
A: Be sure and read your lease as well as all posted signs. Do not let others use your code. Be responsible and courteous to other tenants. If you have a question ask.

Q: What about my garbage or unwanted items when I move out?
A: Take it with you. SuperMax does not provide any waste disposal. Do not leave items in units when you are moving out & do not dump them on our grounds. If you do legal measures will be taken.

Q: I am trying to enter my storage buy my code is not working?
A: If your are behind in your rent, your code could be deactivated. Please call us so we can help correct the problem.

For answers to questions not listed here please contact us.